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Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction

One of the main reasons for impotence occurrence is hypertension. However, to understand the way increased blood pressure impairs sexual function, a patient should know the way erection appears. The process of erection occurrence is rather complicated, and it presupposes the proper functioning of the brain, muscles and heart. The penile area is filled with small veins and arteries, empty spaces and smooth muscle fiber. Once sexually stimulated, your brain or nerves signal your penis to relax the muscles and dilate the arteries. As a result, the blood can flow rapidly and fill the empty spaces faster. The moment sexual excitement is over, the smooth muscle contracts and the pressure is taken off the veins. The blood flows back out of the penile area and the penis gets back to a flaccid state.

According to the results of numerous investigations, abnormal blood pressure can stimulate erectile dysfunction easily. The main reason of this process is that increased pressure prevents the arteries from the necessary dilation. Additionally, it contributes to the penile ability to relax. The result is insufficient blood flow to the penis and weak erection that is not enough for a successful sex intercourse.

Apart from such an impact, high blood pressure can also stimulate decreased testosterone levels, which will trigger the symptoms of impotence as well. Moreover, striving to overcome hypertension many patients stimulate sex-related problems, instead. Certain high blood pressure pharmaceuticals, like diuretics, beta-blockers and other products can impair male’s ability to get and hold an erection. Thus, you need to consult your doctor immediately if you have noticed any signs of poor male potency. He/she will help you improve the underlying conditions first and start ED therapy.

Cialis to Treat Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

The current pharmaceutical market is filled with impotence remedies and other treatments to decrease related complications. However, it is not always enough. Apart from buying Generisk Cialis online or Viagra in a local drugstore, you need to change your lifestyle, balance your diet and start regular exercises. Once your overall health state is managed, this effective PDE-5 inhibitor will improve the work of your penis and stimulate better blood circulation. The medication works irrespective of time, though you need to administer it around 40 minutes before presumable sex activity. Take a single pill and experience successful and pleasurable sex.