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Treating Muscular Dystrophy with Tadalafil

Muscular dystrophy are a group of inherited muscle diseases that gradually cause weakening and breakdown of muscles. The average life expectancy with that condition is approximately twenty-five years. Most patients end up in a wheelchair by the age of twelve, they symptoms get even worse over time – loss of movement and complete paralysis later on. This is, obviously, a huge cause for concern. There’ve been recent studies showing a surprising effect of a certain drug…

Tadalafil and Muscular Dystrophy

You should know generic tadalafil works by now, but for those wondering – it helps your blood vessels and blood flow, overall. With a condition like muscular dystrophy, these two are vital. The studies show that tadalafil is able to keep the diaphragm working with major setbacks, which, in turn, might help patients in regards to their quality of life and might possible prolongate the life expectancy. The study suggests that using Tadalafil in a form of tablets along with conventional treatment might lead to some amazing results.

Why Tadalafil Exactly?

Unlike its main competitors, the likes of Viagra, Tadalafil is more easily absorbed and distributed. It has a better half-life, there’s a good reason it’s called “the weekend pill”, after all. Four years earlier, there was a similar study but instead of Tadalafil tablets, they used Viagra. Turns out, test subjects ended up feeling even worse.

Future Implications

Of course, these fateful findings might lead to a serious outcome. There are going to be future studies, obviously. More clinical trials and the like, but it’s important to understand that it’s already a great discovery. It might change the way we look at muscular dystrophy for good. It might slow down the disease. It’s certainly encouraging to see these finding creating such a buzz in the medical community. People are saying that the effects of the larger trials will eventually have clinically meaningful effects down the road. That’s exactly the kind of news that people suffering from muscular dystrophy are waiting for, because there haven’t really been any major breakthroughs in the last couple of years. So, thanks to Tadalafil, there’s still hope for a better life quality and life expectancy.