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Learn what you need to know about diabetes, including ways to control or prevent the disease. Information for children and high-risk minority populations is also available.
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spacerEating Healthy and Staying Fit to Control and Manage Diabetes.

Diabetes Education Program
Diabetes is a disease that results in too much sugar (glucose) in the blood. Your body does not have enough insulin available to turn food into energy. High levels of glucose slowly damage your eyes, heart, kidneys, nerves, legs, and feet. Diabetes is a serious disease affecting 16 million people in the United States, and you may be at risk if you are Hispanic, overweight, or do not exercise regularly. Hispanics are nearly twice as likely as non-Hispanic whites to develop this disease.

Diabetes Information Clearinghouse
What I need to know about Eating and Diabetes.


spacerDiabetes is a disorder characterized by elevated blood sugar.

American Diabetes Association
Often diabetes goes undiagnosed because many of its symptoms seem so harmless. Recent studies indicate that the early detection of diabetes symptoms and treatment can decrease the chance of developing the complications of diabetes.

Endocrine Web Diabetes Center
Diabetes is a disorder characterized by hyperglycemia or elevated blood glucose (blood sugar). Our bodies function best at a certain level of sugar in the bloodstream. If the amount of sugar in our blood runs too high or too low, then we typically feel bad. Diabetes is the name of the condition where the blood sugar level consistently runs too high.


spacerInternet diabetics users as of Dec/03, 8.8% of the population, per ITU.

Joslin Diabetes Center
Getting High Quality Medical Care
in a Changing Healthcare Landscape.

Diabetes Care
diabetics map and basic data.