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Such as for example B lymphocytes and antigen presenting cells.

CD74’s expression and function on colon intestinal epithelial cells is usually controversial. On July 14 A study article to be published, 2010 in the global world Journal of Gastroenterology addresses this question. A team of researchers headed by Professor Idit Shachar from the Weizmann Institute of Technology in Israel, provides demonstrated that CD74 is certainly expressed on colon epithelial cells. CD74 expression on these cells was proven to boost colon epithelial cells survival upon stimulation by its organic ligand MIF. These results were further backed by their demonstration in the mouse colorectal cancer tumor cell line, CT-26. Continue reading

Forging a collaboration in the advancement of cancer datasets.

The CAP Cancers Protocols were created as a guideline for definitive cancer reporting. This collaboration contract not only enables pathologists from many different countries to participate actively in developing a cancer protocols, but also helps better define staging parameters for cancer specimens. These MOUs bring together three regarded groups of medical experts from around the world highly, allowing them to more efficiently develop tumor protocols that will receive widespread adoption. This agreement aims to improve cancer data information for comparison and research and raise reporting standards internationally. This landmark collaboration holds benefits in cancer analysis and treatment for both patients and specialists. Continue reading