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Your most precious gift in life is good health. With good health you will be able to work better and be more successful, you will find and enjoy romantic love. All the good things in life will be possible when you find, keep and enjoy good health and fitness.

This website features tips and advice to help you enjoy better health and fitness, access points to resources to make you a healthier person and allow you to enjoy a fuller, richer, healthier, and happier life.

The Better Health and Fitness web site (BH&F for short) is divided into several sections, each one providing specific health and fitness information. All pages have a user friendly surfing menu at the bottom of each page and most main pages have content links on the left hand column. We hope you enjoy navigating our website and find it useful. Your feedback, suggestions, ideas, and contributions are very welcome.

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The Internet Coaching Free Library The object of this section is to offer free help, tips, advice, and guidence (coaching) about the Internet to the visitors of our website. It is a free resource and features useful articles and links on related subjects.

Your suggestions regarding the articles are welcomed. Tell us what articles you like best, or what additional content you would like us to publish.


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Better-Health-and-Fitness.com is a web site dedicated to making health and fitness information available to the general public in the Internet. This is general information only, presented in good faith with the aim of helping readers to learn about health and fitness issues and news, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.

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Better Health and Fitness – our purpose is supplying health and fitness advice, products, tips, and ebooks for procuring a better, healthier and fuller life for everyone. This website was creaded by Enrique de Argaez, PE, MBA, and webmaster, who designed it and registered the domain name on November 28, 2004.