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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Libido and Its Dependency on Body Weight

What is the most important thing for a man? They are sex functioning and elevated libido. Once any of these issues get affected, a man feels ultimate discomfort and embarrassment. However, according to the statistics, the condition remains untreated in many cases. The reason of this is an inability to admit the problem and frustration sharing the problem even with the doctor. As a result, males keep suffering from an inability to achieve and hold an erection, sufficient for a pleasurable intercourse.

Before you start the treatment course with any medication or other methods, you need to investigate on the reason of the condition appearance. While stress, anxiety, depression and similar emotional or psychological factors most commonly become the reasons of the condition occurrence, physical condition serve the cause of permanent erectile dysfunction appearance. Obesity is not the top reason of impotence occurrence, but over 40% of men experience sex disorders because of this health impairment.

Once you have excess weight, your organism cannot produce a sufficient amount of testosterone, while body circulates the blood much worse. Consequently, you risk getting the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, accompanied by a multitude of other health problems. Additionally, overweight people feel anxious about further sex intercourses, which makes them nervous and advance the risk of impotence. Thus, a simple, at a first glance, condition can stimulate the occurrence of serious health problems.

How to Balance Sex-Related Complications

Are there any universal treatments, which would improve the signs of obesity and erectile dysfunction? Probably, no. However, Tadalafil 20 mg serves one of the approved and time-tested medications to manage signs of erectile dysfunction. The drug is classified as an impotence treatment that speeds up blood circulation and balances penile muscles functioning. As a result, a patient gets a top-notch erection, required for a sexual intercourse. To achieve maximal results you need to consult your healthcare provider first and start your weight management program. Additionally, eliminating other health complications and disorders is inevitable for a successful treatment course. Start Tadalafil use to supplement natural attempts to get and maintain an erection. Take a single pill 30-45 minutes before sex and enjoy over 5 hours of hard erection. Tadalafil will also help you forget about frustration, embarrassment and anxiety. Improve your libido and advance the level of your desire easily and effectively.