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Pet experiments have produced an explosion of information regarding pain.

This abysmal background has led to calls to overhaul the look of preclinical research. Elie Dolgin would go to great pains to understand how monitoring rodents’ facial expressions and brain activity might provide a more effective and humane way to check drug candidates. Click here to read all of those other news feature, part of our November special concentrate on understanding the neurobiological basis of pain and the issues to translate these developments into new analgesics..Furthermore, our Alzheimer’s diagnostic program is continue and we are optimizing the assay for use as a new device to accurately diagnose this devastating disease. A significant obstacle to treatment of Alzheimer’s disease may be the lack of robust biomarkers for early detection and monitoring during clinical trials. There exists a need for more sensitive and reliable diagnostics to assess the amounts of biomarkers in order for current therapeutics to work, and for enrolment into medical trials. The Company’s Alzheimer’s diagnostic’s plan was lately featured on the television program Today in the us with Terry Bradshaw.