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Tennis star Cliff Richey talks about tennis.

Tennis star Cliff Richey talks about tennis, depression, and the Christian faithTennis star Cliff Richey – the number one professional tennis player in the United States in 1970, which tournament titles tournament titles over a 26-year career – looks Tennis with a ‘resurgence’in the next five years, is recovering from the loss of television profile compared to the PGA Tour.

He ‘addicted highs ‘had while improving his tennis skills, he said, but ‘if we reach highs that you always back down. And simply say,During his worst depression in the 1990s, Richey was immobilized, he covered his windows with black garbage bags, could not sleep, and could not drive a car He attributes his recovery to a. ‘Three-legged stool ‘of medication, cognitive behavioral therapy and a healthy lifestyle. – ‘Losses and stress ‘trigger depression, including those who ‘lost If I had a stroke or a swing it almost traumatic ‘the competitiveness of athletes, he said, financial or family problems are also triggers. Richey has a strong Christian faith. He welcomes debate with others in the Christian community who see religion over medicine as a remedy for depression. Continue reading

The promising grown as components in biosensors.

New configurations of Metal Crystals grown that show promise as components in medical devicesappropriation of cellulose fibers from cotton and crystallizing them, scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have never before seen configurations of metal crystals, the promising grown as components in biosensors, biological imaging, drug delivery and catalysts.

The researchers called this method a green process, requiring only heat, the crystalline cellulose and the metal salts Other attempts have gotten uniform nano metals in crystals of widely variable sizes that strong. Coupling reactions of organic molecules for palladium and UV-irradiated degradation of organic dyes in water with selenium metals We have some preliminary catalytic results, Shin said, with smaller particles-15 to 20 nanometers – showed faster and higher catalytic conversion ratio for commercial catalysts in comparison . Continue reading